What we do

Let’s us put a smile on your face

There’s nothing we love better than putting a smile on your face. That’s why we continuously perfecting our craft of making 100% plant-based delicious desserts and ready meals. We craft each product with the goal of serving the best for the best.That’s why we use only all natural ingredients so you can drop your worries and enjoy your treat guilt-free! Yumm :)

Our desserts come in 3D
Dreamy, Delicious, Delightful!

No need to put special glasses on, our 100% plant-based dessert will bring you on a sweet adventure.

What we do

Easily spice up your day!

Lamai Thai products unite real Thai taste and carefully select local ingredients with high-end culinary techniques to preserve fresh, homemade flavor in every bite. Our product line includes premium ready-to-eat frozen desserts that make the flavors of home cooking convenient for today’s on-the-go, health-conscious consumers.

Our Lamaithai frozen ready meal ranges bring you the taste of authentic Thai cuisine approved by Thai grandmas.


Every bite for the better

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