We are manufacture and exporter of variety of frozen products including Authentic Gelato & Sorbet, Non-Dairy frozen dessert, Frozen novelties dessert and  frozen ready-to-eat. Our creations are to enhance  happy and healthy living. Thus, most of our products are plant-based, vegan & vegetarian,Non-GMOs etc.

     We strongly emphasize on Quality, Safety and Traceability. Each day we strive to make our products tastier and healthier choices that help consumers care for themselves and their families. This would not be possible without our R&D capability, production excellence and passion for quality in everything we do.

     Our portfolio of brands “BUONO” and “LAMAI THAI” promote modern consumer lifestyles that have brought nutritious and delicious food to tables around the world.

     With our flexible and comprehensive production capabilities, BUONO GROUP is also an ideal private label and co-packing partner to retailers, contract manufacturing customers and food service operators.

     Find out more about our private label, OEM solution at www.buonothailand.com

Our Vision

To be world- class producer of frozen delicacies.

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Our Mission

  • Create products and services that enhancing happy and healthy living for worldwide consumers.
  • Strive for Creativity, Quality, Safety and Trustworthy products
  • World Class Production technology and operation system
  • Ensure continuous improvement of productivity and safety
  • Foster employee skills and professional development throughout the organization
  • Establish Sustainable Business Management
  • Generate sustainable stakeholder benefits for customers, business partners, employees, joint ventures, and shareholders .
  • Strive for excellence of branded products of both Corporate Brand and Product Brand