Producer of Authentic Italian Gelato, Sorbet and variety of dessert menus distributed to our own Buono Gelato shops and offered catering service.


     Introduced new product “Buono Mochi Ice” to a country for the first time.

     Expanding Buono Gelato shops continuously in various locations across Bangkok, Thailand


     Unveiled of retail packaged goods “Buono Soup Drink” and “Frozen Ready Meal”under concept “ Care &Convenience” distributed to major supermarkets nationwide


      Initiated new business model as a Manufacturer and Exporter and Exporter of “Frozen dessert and ready meal” exported worldwide. Export to Japan for the first time.


      Introduced “Non-Dairy Coconut milk based Product” to worldwide market. Market Expansion to North America, Europe and Asia. Launched of variety menus of Vegan & Vegetarian  ready-to-eat meals made with creative meat substitute ingredients  Focused on OEM for worldwide supermarket chains and our expanded our corporate brand “ Buono” and “Lamai Thai”


     Increased production capacity to serve worldwide demands to 2,600,000 liters / year of frozen dessert and 1,000 tons / year of ready –to-eat meals.