A perfect blend of real brewed tea with plant-based frozen dessert combined with our special chewy “Boru Boru” balls give you a sensation of discovery in every bite!

Caramel black, gummy bear-like soft & chewy bubbies added to the ranges of tea flavored frozen dessert.

Our creations are non dairy, all-natural, made with real and freshly squeezed coconut milk.

   – Vegan                                                                               – No creamer
   – No condensed milk                                                       – With soft & chewy bubbies
   – Made with real brewed tea                                          – No hydrogenated palm fat                                         – No artificial color / flavor                                              – No preservatives




Jasmine Green tea Lychee



•  Thai Tea

•  Black Tea Passion Fruit

Packaging Option

110 ml.

473 ml.

4,000 ml.

* Product availability may vary by country and season, please contact us for more information.

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