We are proud to present our innovative dessert range, “Fuffio”. Inspired by traditional Thai dessert recipes. We are serving this dessert from local to global.

       Fluffio is uniquely different from any other ice desserts you have ever tried. It is combination of coconut sorbet wrapped with tender Mochi skin and coated with 3 different coating to create unique mouth feel in each flavors.

  • Fluffee

  Freshly squeezed coconut milk together with the fragrant sweetness of coconut palm sugar creates the tropical touch of coconut sorbet, then covered with finely grated young coconut meat.

  • Crispio

  Heavenly fragrance of toasted coconut are topped on  coconut sorbet, then dressed with crunchy pieces of rice crispy and smooth caramel sauce.

  • Beanie

  Finely grated young coconut meat & soft texture of Mung Bean, and refreshing touch of coconut sorbet add a perfection of tropic to this delicate coconut delicacy.






36g. X 6 pcs

* Product availability may vary by country and season, please contact us for more information.

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• Fluffio