Indulgence without guilt – A healthy way to spoil your sweet tooth.

     Buono Non Dairy Mochi Ice is Dairy free Coconut milk ice cream in a variety of different flavors paired with delicately smooth Mochi dough providing you a sophisticated fantasy.

     We daily squeeze pure white coconut to get fresh coconut milk for our Mochi Ice. This is the most perfect way to confirm the quality.

     It’s very easy to get a ‘heaven in your mouth’ taste as coconut milk beautifully imparts an elegant taste to the ice cream.



Black Sesame



• Chocolate

Cool Mix

• Coconut

• Japanese Green Tea

Packaging option

26 g. X 6 pcs

26 g. x 8 pcs

26 g. x 15 pcs

* Product availability may vary by country and season, please contact us for more information.