Research and Development

          Our R&D  is at the heart of our innovation and creativity. Here, all we do is to develop and improve upon delicious, healthy and innovative frozen food products, including our own branded lines as well as custom formulations for our partners.The desire to create the very best tastes, blending current and emerging food trends with the best ingredients and most up to date manufacturing technologies

          The cumulative decades of experience of our R&D team gives them a specialized understanding of the challenging task of translating

a fresh-cooked menu item into a product that can be successfully manufactured, packaged, frozen and, when reheated and served, delivers

the flavor, taste and plate appeal of a kitchen-prepared meal.

          Our team of food development experts to dream up great culinary ideas look for the global newest ingredient trend and using top-level culinary

knowledge within our dynamic facility, to make product from initial concept to big-scale production.

          Together, we deliver collaborative and innovative product formulation solutions that promote healthier consumption without uncompromising

on taste.

          Some of our creations are :

  • Plant-based Ready-to-Eat Meals and Dessert.
  • Non-Dairy Frozen dessert made with milk alternative e.g. Coconut Milk, Cashew Nut milk, Almond Milk
  • Vegan Ready-to-Eat meals with creative meat substitute raw material.


          Buono Group adheres to the highest possible standards for the production, processing, preparation and handling of food at every level of the supply chain.   We dedicate to manufacturing high-quality frozen product that is safe, hygienic and achieves excellent customer satisfaction.

          We have a comprehensive process to ensure the safety and full traceability of our raw materials and finished goods. This begins with

a strict vendor approval program that each potential supplier must pass before purchases can be authorized. Raw materials undergo a comprehensive inspection upon arrival. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with comprehensive analytical testing capabilities and systems

to track specific ingredients to the finished goods they were used in and the customers to whom they were sold. 

          Our quality policy commits us to deliver products of the highest quality to attain domestic and international consumers’ trust and confidence. We satisfy our worldwide customers’ expectations that all our products meet international food quality and safety standards with full traceability.

          Buono Group safeguards to ensure quality include:

  • Global accreditation of GMP, HACCP, IFS (higher level), BRC (grade A), FSSC 22000, HALAL, ISO 9001 2015, USDA Organic
  • A highly skilled and dedicated Quality team including Technical, HACCP, and Food Safety specialists
  • On-site microbiologist.
  • Rapid microbiology detection
  • In house 17025 laboratory
  • Comprehensive Allergen Control program
  • Internal sensory panel


          Buono Group utilizes a cutting edge facility that allows us to service world class customers. Our manufacturing facilities are designed to be extremely flexible, capable of producing a broad line of products and packaging options.

          The facility is composed of two production lines that in total cover 32,787 square feet.  We have multiple production lines dedicated for different product categories ; Frozen Ready-to-Eat, and Frozen Dessert. We also utilize diversified freezing technologies , for example Blast freezing, Liquide Nitrogen Freezing.

          In order to serve worldwide growing demands in year 2017 we have expand our current capability from 1,384 tons / year to 20,000 tons / year for frozen dessert and frozen novelties product. And our capacity of frozen ready-to-Eat from 1680 tons / year to 10,000 tons / year.

We have continued to invest heavily in our employees and the latest technology to meet global rapid growth of healthy food demands.

          Our onsite computer controlled 7,425 square feet of cold storage ensures adequate space for bulk storage and day to day operations of our finished products. The loading area is temperature controlled to ensure our products remain in their optimal frozen state throughout the process

          Equipment used is best in class to enhance and ensure the manufacture of the highest quality products. The advance technology of “Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Freezing System” is employed for delivering flavorful taste, perfect texture and maintaining its nutritional values.

          Comprehensive maintenance of equipment and facilities is conducted routinely as a prerequisite use of our quality assurance system.

          The facilities implement of the following program

  • Full traceability system
  • Allergen control
  • Dedicated Production facilities for Gluten Free, Vegan products
  • Dedicated Production facilities for Non-Dairy products
  • Comprehensive maintenance of equipment and facilities is conducted routinely as a prerequisite use of our quality assurance system.