Buono Group is committed to supporting employee wellness, offering opportunities for career development and  increasing diversity in the workplace.

Employee Health, Safety and Wellness

    Being healthy on and off the job also means more satisfied and more productive employees. Buono Group is committed to providing benefits, programs, health and wellness education and support for healthy lifestyles.

    We focus on establishing wellness programs designed to encourage employees to evaluate, improve and maintain their health and wellness. Some of these programs have included  annually onsite health screenings and so on.

Child Labor

          Buono Group  is committed firmly to preventing child labor, and has a formal policy against employing anyone under the age of 18.

Working Hours

   We has implement robust processes to manage and control working hours, including training for staff. EMPLOYEE TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT AND RECOGNITION

    To ensure a world-class workforce, Buono Group trains, educates and recognizes employees so that they are successful contributors to the business. Buono’s performance management and career development philosophies are that employees should be engaged, aligned and excited about their careers and contributions to the company’s success.