Our factory strictly focuses on standard and regulations relate to environmental friendly. We have policies to ensure that the environmental impacts are less than possible to water, air emission, hazardous materials and other environmental risk.  Our environmental management system is designed to minimize the use of natural resource, energy, hazardous materials.

        We collaborated in the Green Industry Project accredited by The Ministry of Industry. Our commitment is to develop and continuously improve in production process and environmental management. Within our organization, we communicate environmental policy to all personnel awareness and acknowledgement.

Water Treatment

    We apply the most efficient technologies and methods to treat the water we use, prior to reuse or release into the environment. We are committed to treat the effluents from our operations in a responsible manner and adhere to strict quality requirements for returning it to the environment.

     Waste Management

     Buono Group assigns particular significance to the management of waste as a result of the production process.

      We aim to make less impact on environment and allow efficient use of resources by making best use of recycling. The goal is towards achieving “zero waste”

    Biogas System

     In our factory, we use waste from the production process such as agricultural waste, plant material etc. to convert into energy in the form of biogas. This helps reduce electricity consumption and prevent air pollution from affecting surrounding community.

     Carbon Footprint

      The Carbon Foot Print is our awarded practice. It’s concern about the total of greenhouse gas emission caused by an organization, event, product, and person. Our common way to reduce the Carbon Foot Print is to reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse. At Buono, we look after the Carbon Foot Print closely and establish the eco – friendly product for world fill with green.

      At Buono we also realize the importance of earth natural resource conservation and global responsibility of environmental protection normal accept by many Countries in the world.