Buono incorporates with energy conservation network “Energy Beyond Standards” to drive the energy efficiency

Buono (Thailand) Public Company Limited has announced an essential intention on energy conservation and energy efficiency in collaboration with the energy conservation network “Energy Beyond Standards,” which has allies from various organisations. More than 70 organisations from both the public and private sectors have expressed their commitment to jointly implement energy conservation within the organization, which is ready to encourage more cooperation in energy conservation to redistribute energy.

The Ministry of Energy actively promoted an energy-saving strategy. Particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors, which have high energy usage. Increasing energy efficiency declaring intentions from 70 public and private sectors within the energy conservation network “Energy Beyond Standards” will be a significant step forward in energy conservation collaboration, including advice and help to achieve greater energy efficiency.

However, the policies that each organization will implement to save energy and reduce the cost of electricity in the business are expected to reduce overall electricity consumption by more than 675 million units per year, the country’s energy import costs by up to 5,400 million baht per year, which is equivalent to 90,000 tons of liquefied natural gas, and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 296,000 tons of carbon per year. It also contributes to Thailand’s climate change policy goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Buono (Thailand) Public Company Limited is one of 70 organizations that will help Thailand solve the energy crisis by implementing energy-saving measures. The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency will provide technical assistance to all organizations in this energy conservation network, including training to educate, consultation and advice in all aspects, expert advice on where to invest, and disseminating achievements and knowledge on energy conservation to the public until they are able to stimulate all sectors to raise awareness and create energy efficiency.