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At Buono,
our motto is to
healthy living.



For people

We are striving to make our staffs, suppliers and community that we are in better. Driving our business with happiness. We support Thai Farmers by adding values to the local produces and exporting it worldwide.

are the heart
our business.

Our factory is strictly committed to standards and regulations for environmental sustainability. Our 

policies ensure that we limit our environmental impact as it relates to water use, air emissions, hazardous materials, and other environmental risks.  Our environmental management system is designed to minimize the use of natural resources, energy, and hazardous materials. We collaborate with the Green Industry Project, which is accredited by The Ministry of Industry. And we are always improving our production and environmental management processes. We internally communicate updates to our environmental policy to all personnel.

Water Treatment

We treat our water with the most efficient sanitation technologies prior to reuse or release into the environment. We are committed to treat the effluents from our operations in a responsible manner and adhere to strict quality requirements before returning it to the environment.

Waste Management

Buono Group assigns particular significance to the management of waste that results from production. Our goal is to achieve zero waste as a company by recycling and carefully managing all waste products.

Biogas System

In our factory, we convert plant materials and other agricultural waste to energy in the form of biogas. This helps reduce electricity consumption and prevents air pollution from affecting the surrounding community.

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is a measure of the total greenhouse gas emissions created by an organization, event, product, or person. We limit our carbon footprint by reducing, reusing, and recycling. At Buono, we closely monitor our carbon footprint and offer eco–friendly products to keep our planet green. 



Turning to a plant-based diet also a way to reduce the negative impacts that we make on the environment such as carbon emission, land use and water usage.

Turning to
a plant-based diet
also a way
to reduce
the negative impacts