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Buono Mooncake

Celebration Mid-Autumn Festival with Buono’s Mooncake

Once the moon is at its fullest and brightest for the entire year, Chinese families will get together to celebrate the event called Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival. Not only celebrating this festival with dances, feasting, and moon gazing but mooncake also plays an important role by symbolizing the full moon, happiness, and reunion.

Buono presents our mooncake that has been transformed from traditional to extraordinary for this special occasion.

Snow skin fresh durian mooncake. This truly impressive dessert only 100% durian pulp filled underneath smooth and silky snow skin wrapping.  Experience the passion of unique taste and the best aromatic of fresh durian. Two choices are offered.

Siam Royale – Rich, intense, sharp sweet from Thai ‘Chanee’ durian at most matured hand-pick from the orchard.

Siam Gems – Exquisite mild creamy aromatic from Thai ‘Monthong’ durian.

Our Snow skin fresh durian mooncake are available in 2 sizes.

4   pieces x 150g. per box

8   pieces x 55g. per box

Snow skin non-dairy ice cream mooncake. This is our delightful handcrafted dessert with extremely thin and silky smooth snow skin wrapped with various ice cream flavors such as

Red Bean Green Tea

Strawberry Diced

Cookie ‘N Coconut Milk Cream

Vanilla Chocolate Chip.

Enchant your senses with chunky of real fruit and bits of chocolate. Elegant and beautiful package. The best of all time